Rays of Relief Real. Radiation. Reassurance.

Rays of Relief Real. Radiation. Reassurance.

Rays of Relief Real. Radiation. Reassurance.Rays of Relief Real. Radiation. Reassurance.Rays of Relief Real. Radiation. Reassurance.

We know the struggle of being diagnosed with cancer. As a nonprofit we focus on the financials, so you or your loved ones can focus on radiation therapy treatment.  

Andrea's 1 yr Anniversary

Andrea's 1 yr Anniversary - 

mike and rebecca

Remembering Rebecca , we woke up this morning 11/5/18 to the very sad news that Rebecca is no longer with us. 

The help we obtained gave her additional time w her husband and family.

Becca, an AML(Acute myeloid leukemia is a form of blood cancer) patient we had the pleasure of getting to know and connecting with grant monies to help cover portions of her treatment. While our focus as a nonprofit are radiation oncology patients and our mission is to help pay for radiation therapy; we were able to help Becca find the assistance needed to ease her financial burden.

Andrea's testimonial promo snippet

Andrea, a toddler diagnosed with an ependymoma (a cancerous type of tumor that can form in the brain or spinal cord) at age 2. Having gone through 17 surgeries, 2 rounds of chemo and radiation; we sat down with her and her mom to discuss their journey. The nonprofit Rays of Relief was able to help ease the financial burden of out of pocket expenses for radiation therapy by utilizing funding in our patient assistance program. 

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Real. Radiation. Reassurance.

We have seen the financial struggle that comes with a cancer diagnosis. For us; Cancer is Personal. The lack of financial assistance for radiation therapy patients is why the nonprofit Rays of Relief was started.   DONATE TODAY

Rays of Relief

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