A Word from those we have helped

Jolene W. -- March 2019


“I have really struggled with paying for my radiation treatments and this grant has been very helpful. There are not very many resources out there that help pay for radiation treatments. This helped me tremendously. Thank you.”



Beatriz J. Jan 2019

 Thank you Mr. San Miguel and Rays of Relief!! My Deepest appreciation for you help- It means a lot to me! 

By Sandra H. Jan 2018

I'm a firefighter wife and part of a firefighter family which includes all firefighters, their spouses and family. We're there for each other through the good and the bad. Unfortunately, lately there has been a lot of bad. Our firefighter family currently has over 20 active firefighters battling cancer. The city does not acknowledge cancer diagnoses as "on the job", which means that the firefighters are left to battle cancer financially on their own. Rays of Relief has graciously reached out to offer services to financially aid our firefighters. The help is deeply appreciated! Geoff's genuine desire to help is strong! He's a wonderful person to have on your side!!

By Linda B. July 2018

Geoff San Miguel is a highly qualified individual when it comes to healthcare and providing information that can be beneficial to any patient, family member or friend. He has an impeccable work ethic and will go above and beyond when patient care is on the line especially to those who have nowhere else to turn to in a time of need.  One of my family members found herself somewhat confused with having to make a decision about her healthcare coverage which was undergoing some changes due to her retirement status. One phone call to Geoff and he was able to break down the information to her in such a way that she was able to make a decision that was best suited for her and her husband. I am extremely grateful that he was able to provide that information and now they are comfortable with their decision and can comfortably enjoy retirement without having to worry about their coverage. All it takes is one phone call to put someone’s mind at ease and Geoff was able to do that when it came down to making an important decision such as healthcare coverage. If you ever have questions regarding such issues Geoff is the person you can count on.

By Michelle S. Sept 2018

I am glad to see the organization Rays of Relief. Too many people do not know where to turn for help in these situations and this type of foundation is a always a blessing. I worked with Mr. San Miguel for over 10 years and people could always get the needed help in speaking with Geoff. He is well versed and knowledgeable in helping all types of patients with various needs. I recently contacted him regarding my out of state sister that desperately needed help with medical and financial issues... and of course here comes Geoff with the right information as always! You can count on Rays of Relief to help!

By Laiza R. Nov 2018

Rays of Relief provided me with so much helpful information and Geoff knew exactly what our situation was without knowing my mom and by me simply telling him her diagnosis. Rays of Relief knew exactly where to look for help! They had all the right answers, from the medications she was on, to the right resources to help with our surmounting bills. Their expertise and empathy combined with compassion for our plight was a blessing. We were overwhelmed with information and Geoff took the time to thoroughly explain what assistance was available to us in addition to guiding us through enrollment processes. We knew what to expect and were prepared with all pertinent documents these assistance programs require. Although my mother is not receiving radiation, Rays of Relief still took the time to stay on the phone with us and connect us to the right network of foundations outside of Texas who would assist. Thank you Geoff and Rays of Relief!!!

By Mike M. April 2018

If you or someone you know is fighting cancer, they NEED a foundation like Rays of Relief on their side.They have worked tirelessly to help me and my family as we battle my wife's leukemia. Geoff went above and beyond to find us the help we so desperately were seeking. Even though we are not receiving radiation; and that means the world to us. Words cannot describe how much we appreciate it!


By Ana D. Dec 2018

Thank you for your HELP when my grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and going through radiation therapy. The diagnosis alone is frightening, but not knowing how all medical expenses will be covered makes the journey much more difficult. We are grateful for the assistance provided and how our journey was a bit lighter because of Rays of Relief. 

By Latasha W. Jan 2018

 I am so humbled by this amazing financial assistance you have given my family! This has been such a challenging time for all of us and it is such a relief to have a little reprieve from the worrying when it comes to medical bills.  Less time worrying equals more time I can spend on focusing on my daughter, who is the very best part of our family!  There is no better gift than a mind that is free to focus on her! I am so grateful for the amazing support your organization  has provided her.  Your organization  is a blessing  and you all are doing GOD's work.  Thank you for being an angel in Andrea's life.

By Cynthia V. June 2018

I'm extremely thankful for your help. It means so much to me and my family. May God Bless you and all the great work you do. Your foundation is a true Blessing!! 

By Lucinda H. April 2017

 I was diagnosed with Tcell Lymphoma April 2014. At the wake of my diagnosis, I felt completely overwhelmed and confused with all the information provided. Mr. San Miguel placed all my worries at ease with his experience and knowledge. He provided me with excellent resources that assisted me, which helped copay for surgery. I was also provided with lots of information about my type of cancer, which deemed beneficial since I knew nothing about Lymphoma. I was lucky to be placed on the mailing list, and I receive monthly news about blood cancers and all the breakthrough research conducted to possibly put an end to this disease. It helps me fight another day!!  Thank you Rays of Relief!!!