We understand that treatment can be expensive and at times overwhelming.

Mission statement

Rays of Relief aims to provide direct financial funding by (1) paying treating facilities a portion of the co-pays, deductible and out of pocket expenses that patients incur for daily radiation therapy and (2) helping patients navigate the complex oncology landscape. 

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How we help


We are a direct impact nonprofit organization focused on helping those who are going through radiation therapy. Monies raised help pay for treatment, when insurance falls short. 

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We are here to help!

Rays of Relief is here for you. Message us at and we will respond promptly. Whether you're in need of help or wanting to get involved; we would love to hear from you.

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Cancer is Personal

Having worked alongside patients for over a decade, we discovered a gap locally and on a nation wide scale for radiation oncology financial assistance programs. We are here to fill in that gap.

Our Partners

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