what providers are saying


Paula- Aurora Clinic- Lubbock, TX

I want to thank Rays of Relief for the financial assistance extended to our patient at Aurora Center. We submitted our payment request and a check followed within two weeks! You are truly serving a need for cancer patients by helping with the expense of their radiation therapy treatments! 


Matilda- Mays Cancer Center ,San Antonio TX

We'd like to extend our gratitude to Rays of Relief for helping our patients undergoing radiation therapy. The application process was seamless and they walked the patient completely through the application process when questions arose.  


Alice- UT Health San Antonio MD Anderson Cancer Center San Antonio, TX

When we found out about Rays of Relief we were ecstatic! We had just received a call from another provider about a pediatric patient who needed help. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the mother had numerous bills for anesthesia, surgery and radiation therapy. Rays of Relief was able to assist with their patient assistance fund. As a new non profit we were unsure how to proceed and request payment. However the process was quick and easy; after submitting their reimbursement request form, payment arrived within two weeks. Financial burdens are one of the biggest factors for patients either not starting or completing treatment. We were glad to find this amazing foundation and are proud to see the work they are doing!