Rays Of Relief Board Members

Geoff San Miguel - CEO/Founding Member


Geoff’s 20 year background in the medical field has been in billing/coding, government payer, hospital billing, Insurance A/R, and patient assistance. Working as a patient advocate for the last 15 years; Geoff’s substantial industry knowledge aided in obtaining funding for thousands of patients undergoing chemo/radiation therapy.  

His input has fostered growth for patient assistance programs while in their infancy; most notably a philanthropic arm of a large South Texas Oncology practice. As well as implementing internal patient assistance programs within multidisciplinary oncology clinics.  

Geoff is currently attending Arizona State University pursuing a degree in organizational leadership. When not engaged in trying to help patients, he enjoys spending time with his family. His hobbies include fishing, working on cars and DJing.

Eric Orr BHA, MHA - Treasurer


Eric’s background is in revenue cycle management. Eric received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Phoenix.  

His 20+ years’ experience combined with has vast knowledge of industry trends regarding reimbursement is where he lends his focus. Eric has served as a Director of Revenue Cycle Management for several oncology groups in his career, overseeing multidisciplinary oncology sites in the South Texas region.  

When not working in clinic, he enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

Jeremy Garcia- Operations Manager


A native to San Antonio, Jeremy provides administrative support as well as marketing/social media support for the nonprofit. After reconnecting with the founder over a number of years, it became clear why this nonprofit is crucial in the community. "Everyone needs help no matter the illness or disability", according to Garcia. In listening to testimonials and witnessing those who have been impacted by the compassion and generosity of the foundation; Jeremy has now made a commitment to help those going through radiation therapy. He enjoys volunteering in the local community, spending time with family and friends, and water activities.

Dr. Eduardo "Lalo" Sessaty, PhD



Dr. Eduardo "Lalo" Sesatty's background extends into both the health and education field. Dr. Sesatty has a Masters of Public Health in Biostatistics as well as a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership. His expertise in structuring effective systems within organizations, establishing proper management principles, and developing client-centered procedures is where he lends his expertise.

Lalo currently serves as the Director of Postsecondary Awareness & Access with the San Antonio Independent School District, where he leads a team of over 28 college advisors helping students access college opportunity after high school graduation.

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